Filtec Precision Ceramics Corporation (USA)
CF600 Ceramic Foam Filter For Steel Foundries
FILTEC CF600 Ceramic Foam Filter is a Ca -stabilized zirconia product, it is made
by imported raw materials and unique technology. FILTEC CF600 ceramic foam
filters are characterized by high porosity and mechanochemical stability and
excellent resistance to thermal attack and corrosion from molten steel liquid, they
can effectively remove inclusions, reduce trapped gas from liquid metal and provide
laminar flow when applied as filter in gating system. They are machined to tight
dimensional tolerance during production, this combination of physical properties
and tolerance make them first choice for all types steel foundries.

FILTEC CF600 Ceramic Foam Filters are widely used for molten steel and its alloy’s
filtration in steel foundries, they are also applied as fuel distributor in burner
assembly and absorbing media in high-temperature waste-gas decontamination
Porosity %
70 ~ 80
Compression Strength
Bulk Density
Thermal Resisitance
1400°C~R.T, 3 times