Filtec Precision Ceramics Corporation (USA)
EC85 Ceramic Cores
FILTEC EC85 Ceramic Cores is a high silica product with intermediate particle size
distribution, it is made by unique technology at FILTEC’s iso-9001 certified plant.
With excellent high temperature stability and core leachability, FILTEC EC85
Ceramic Cores are widely used for castings with open and blind passages.

FILTEC EC85 ceramic cores are characterized by high strength and refractoriness
and superior thermal stability, that enable EC85 ceramic cores can bear attack from
wax injection and big thermal shock. They are machined to accurate dimension
during production, this combination of physical properties and dimensional precision
make them first choice for all investment castings.

Specification of EC85 Ceramic cores:

1) High strength to bear attack from wax injection and other processing.
2) Enough refractoriness, it is suitable for both iron and steel casting.
3) No reaction with metal liquid in high temperature due to chemical stability.
4) Low expanding coefficient
5) Accurate dimension, tolerance in 0.10"/inch
6) It is idea tool to solve any cavity with complicated shape in casting.