Our Competitive Advantages:
  •    We have the best R&D and Production team in China in this field.  Our
    scientists and engineers are the best trained and well educated.  A number of
    our scientists and engineers have PhD, and more engineers have advanced
    degree, and they all have been working in this field for many years. You will not
    find the same caliber of people in any other Ceramic Foam Filter makers in
    China.  It is no coincident that you will find the best products in China here in

  •    In addition to superior products, we also have the most knowledgeable
    technical support staff, among whom, many are well trained and experienced at
    the world class companies, both on application of Ceramic Filters and on how
    the process is working at foundries.  In case those customers have question
    and technical issues using our products, the support team can help resolve
    problems quickly.

  •    As we keep our cost structure low, our price is very competitive (one big
    advantage of being a Chinese factory).  You will likely find our products are not
    the cheapest in China, as we emphasis on quality not price.  Nonetheless, we
    will offer you the best value and superior quality.

  •    Contact us to experience our excellent products and world class services.
Filtec Precision Ceramics Corporation (USA)